Hello everybody!

Fantastic – we’ve reached our funding goal. Special thanks to Sean Riley from Computerphile and Nick Johnson for their amazing last minute pledges that allowed us to reach our funding goal, as well as everybody else for their amazing backing throughout the entire process.

Everybody on the Project Hermes is ecstatic – and we couldn’t have done it without you guys, our backers.

We’ll now have to prepare the mission for launch – this means a lot of hard work on our end over the next few months. We’ll be posting updates on our progress when we have information for you.

We are also currently working towards creating the surveys required to fulfill your rewards. These should be released within the next few days and will allow us to obtain the information required to launch your messages into near space and send you your stuff!

We’ll also have several launch dates and an approximate location closer to the time, so anybody that wants to can come to view the launch on the day.

Thank you all once again, let’s make this happen!

Sacha and the Project Hermes Team