Hello everybody!

So far, we’ve raised £331 in just over a week for the campaign – we originally had an extra £100, but unfortunately, we fell victim to a scam. A KIckstarter user who originally pledged £100 to our campaign managed to do so to over 1400 other campaigns. He did this with the sole intention of getting others to back his own campaign, then withdrawing his pledges. He never had any intention of contributing to Project Hermes.

I notified Kickstarter about this and his campaign and pledges have suspended – meaning a loss in funding for us.

The good news is that we’re still well on track to reach our funding goal – but we need your help. We can only make Project Hermes a reality if you, our supporters, notify everyone you can possibly think of! Friends, family, colleagues – just £5 can get their messages in space, and contribute to an amazing feat of exploration. If you would like leaflets, or a sample of an e-mail you can send, please don’t hesitate to send me a message through Kickstarter, or an e-mail at sacha@hermes.lachin.com.

Also, to those who haven’t yet claimed your rewards – please do so! We have several backers who haven’t selected a reward – and I encourage you to – when the campaign is over, you won’t be able to choose one! The premise of Project Hermes is to provide amazing rewards in return for your generous contributions, so please select a reward to receive your gifts.