In return for supporting Project Hermes, there are a wide variety of rewards (no longer available as campaign is closed).

£1: You will receive all the updates from the mission, be added to the e-mail list, and your name will be included on our website.

£5: EVERYTHING ABOVE + Your name or a chosen message (nothing inappropriate) will be released into near-space on a small piece of paper when the balloon pops AND your name will be included on the side of the payload.

£20: EVERYTHING ABOVE + You will receive a personalised backers’ certificate by post, and will be given a download for the raw HD video footage from the flight for your own use.

£50: VIP Pack – EVERYTHING ABOVE + You will receive a high quality printed 6×8”photograph from the flight by post, a USB drive with the raw HD footage and be added to the premium sponsors section on our website.

£100: Epic Pack – EVERYTHING ABOVE + You can send your own small object weighing less than 30g into near space in our payload, and have it returned to you afterwards!

£200: Sponsor Pack – EVERYTHING ABOVE + Have your company/brand featured on the side of the payload, on our website and Twitter feed, in all certificates and in the video footage in front of the camera.