Sacha Lachin, 15
Project Director
Sacha is the Director of Project Hermes and, with your help, hopes to be launching the near-space balloon this summer. Interested in science, rowing, piano, reading and computing, he's most looking forward to capturing images of the Earth's curvature from a self-built payload.
Daniel Trickey, 16
Filming, Software and Technical Operations
Dan is going to be running the archive filming throughout the launch. He will also be helping with all technical operations throughout the entire process and will also develop some of the software for the project. He is interested in maths, physics and computer science. The stunning images of the earth and the collected data from the flight are of most interest to him.
Aaron Lachin, 12
Head of Aerial Photography
Aaron is the Head of Aerial Photography - he'll be flying a remote controlled drone in the air, which will film the launch of the balloon at an angle never seen before! Aaron likes playing the piano and is a brown belt in Shotokan Karate, and is looking forward to having his own message released into near-space.
Sapphira Lachin, 6
Sapphira will be helping out at the launch site to ensure everything goes smoothly! She enjoys ballet dancing, piano, doing art projects and running around.
Dr. Tracey Lachin
Dr. Anoosh Lachin